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Our end products are high performance software systems with fully integrated auto-testing developed to meet customer's specifications, current regulations and industry standards.




Order API & Pre-Trade Risk Library (Tier I Investment Bank)


The ORDER API and Pre-Trade Risk Library can be easily integrated into 3rd party trading systems.

Risk Check Plugin, integrated with the 3rdparty trading system

Risk Back-end, running in the broker-controlled environment, monitoring and managing the plugin

Risk Console, used by the broker's risk department and deployed on their desktops

Order Interface to send orders and receive updates

It also has a streamlined design focusing on low-latency and maximum possible safety.
The Risk Library can be deployed inside a client-developed order connector. We also offer pre-built order connectors for some exchanges, or we can add a custom order connector per client request.

Please contact us to get specifications of the ORDER API.


Statistics / prediction toolkit (Global Pharmaceutical Company)


Statistics / prediction toolkit checks effect of various contentrations and predicts results of concentration changes

Parameter optimization using a wide selection of algorithms

Results are presented in various formats, including graphs

interaction with Excel to import data / export results is implemented

Implemented as both desktop software and embedded library usable on small devices


Multi-platform messaging and consistent update processing framework


The messaging and consistent update processing framework is used in various product and can be included in new systems allowing quick development, robustness and excellent performance.

Our update-processing framework solves a problem that is usually the biggest source of bugs and performance issues in large systems: we have many external data sources, the data from these is processed using different modules (risk analysis, positions, profit & losses, or health monitoring etc), how can we make it sure that the initial data and the derived information arrives quickly and consistently to the user application, without having delays, locks, and with the ability to survive processing node crashes?

The update processing framework defines a processing pipeline and a implements a consistent data delivery protocol so that adding new modules and services is very easy and the user is able to focus on the business logic implementation.
The  update processing framework connects different data centers using high-performance synchronized local caches.

Features runtime management of processing nodes.


SFA (Global Pharmaceutical Company)


SFA ( Sales Force Automation ) enables sales team to forecast revenues and track leads, and a whole lot more.
It can be deployed on mobile systems. (Supports Android, IOS, WP)
Features include:

Allows salesmen to monitor stocks in stores

Real-time inventory synchronization

Real-time orders management

Financial module: following client's orders, payments history

Catalog module: presentation of items from the catalog, with the possibility of real-time ordering.


Process Monitoring Framework (Various clients)


Our process monitoring framework offers a low-overhead distributed tool that can be plugged in to any software system.

Supports different operating systems

Supports various programming languages

Offers simple yet rich client library for both state management and heart beating

Offers an extensive command interface so that process trees can be remotely managed
(disable / enable / change verbosity / kill / restart )

Note: The process monitoring framework was also deployed inside the Derivatives Trading System


Instant Messenger Platform (Various clients)


Our instant messenger platform is built on open protocols and is ready to be used as standalone application or as module (software library) to be integrated in larger systems.

Our instant messenger platform is based on the XMPP protocol
(Same protocol that is used for example by google for google talk, or by the 'jabber' open source messaging server)

Our system allows for interconnection with other XMPP-based messaging platforms, and has implemented various clients.

It has a classic instant messenger front-end as well as  automatic clients such as process state reporting agents.

It was used to build an intra-company chat system integrated with  monitoring / reporting agents.