Looking for IT outsourcing solutions and customizable systems for your business?

Fields of Expertise

Electronic trading systems

Risk management

AI, prediction, deep learning

Android and IOS development

Embedded programming, IOT

Cryptography, security, OpenSSL,...

Web development

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Low latency servers

Scalable systems

Embedded systems, OS modules

Desktop applications

Mobile development

Web design

System management

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In 2011, Ringo Tech was formed by 2 senior developers working for a global hedge fund in the United States.

They recognized the strong demands for high quality IT outsourcing services and realized that they could provide a much higher level of service and end-product at a more reasonable price than others in the outsourcing space.

Today they provide services to companies conducting business globally in a multitude of industries including the capital markets and healthcare industries.

The company is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a new center of outsourcing, nearshore software development and innovation.

Customized Solutions

Companies today face a multitude of business and operational challenges, driven by complex regulation, cost pressures and increased service demands that directly impact resources, growth and profitability.

Software outsourcing helps companies reduce costs and increase productivity. Agile processes and lean software development ensures that the value added by outsourcing is optimal. It allows for companies to focus on their core objectives and let the outsourcing software companies solve specific details of implementation.

Ringo Tech offers services that help firms across the globe address these issues by building smarter more innovative systems, turning IT demands into a competitive advantage allowing for increased drive and growth.
Located in Romania, a new provider of high quality outsourcing, nearshore product development offering very competitive rates, we are able to help clients reduce costs and implement projects faster with excellent quality.